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Battery management system that keeps batteries fully charged.

Whether you are on a cruiser, yacht or canal / narrow boat, split charging or straight to batteries, keeping your batteries fully charged can be confusing.

The ADVERC System is a voltage regulator controller not a booster. There is no forced feeding of the batteries. Working with the alternator, the ADVERC simply creates the correct voltage climate at the batteries which then takes what they need in terms of charging current. While normal charging allows for only 60-70% state of charge the ADVERC controller increases the state of charge to 95+% by using a cycle program and compensating for losses in the system.

Whatever the scenario, marine or automotive from Ambulances to Round-The-World yachts, ADVERC systems ensure that performance is not impaired or jeopardised by battery related problems. We have the equipment, know-how and the experience to solve your problems.

Adverc Battery System

Adverc Battery System
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Adverc Battery Management USA
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