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Alliance Technical Sales, Inc. is a manufacturers’ representative agency, located in Chicago, Illinois. As our motto suggests, we are a solutions partner. Our main objective is to anticipate the needs of our customers and provide them products to solve their problems. We accomplish this with:

Superior Sales Representation

Alliance provides our valued principals with the very best in sales representation. There are no short cuts. Hard work, dedication and excellence in performance are absolute musts. The most important line we will ever have is our reputation and we guard it above all else. Only companies that take pride in the quality and worth of their products will be represented. We will, at all times, reflect credit upon ourselves, our organization, and the firms we represent.

Strategic Thinking & Planning

Alliance always operates in a professional and profitable manner with attention paid to the future as well as to the present. Stability, planning and continuity are the keys to having the ability to invest in sales growth and providing our principals with a long-term successful sales team that they can depend on for years to come.

Commitment to Customers & Principals

Having an up-to-date working knowledge of the needs of both our customers and principals, and keeping their respect and trust are constant goals. We want our customers to value our advice and depend on us for assistance. We also want our principals to consider us as important to them as their own sales and marketing staff. We work hard to attain this.

Remaining on the Cutting Edge

Our industry is one of rapid change change and requires constant attention to new technologies, products and potential customers. We consider this objective of new knowledge vital to our future success. It is an exciting challenge and one we welcome.

We seek to serve the customer. When we provide customers with technical advice and service that merits their highest confidence, Alliance Technical Sales, Inc. and our principals will excel. That is our goal.

Alliance Technical Sales

Alliance Technical Sales
Clarendon Hills, Illinois 60514 - United States
Manufacturers\' Representative of Process Control Solutions
Process control solutions and instrumentation - specializing in liquid analytics (ph, DO, conductivity, turbidity, dCO2), level, temperature, refractometers, and on-line water quality analyzers.
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