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Aurum Security GmbH is engaged into R&D, design, prototyping and manufacturing of protection systems and armored military and civilian vehicles.

We are located in West Germany and rely heavily on the German automotive industry and experience of German engineers. We distinguish ourselves through exceptional levels of ballistic and blast protection and we focus on technological advancement, constantly conducting research on ballistic and anti-blast materials.

We produce the most protected armored civilian vehicles in the world: our Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle has passed certification at iABG, Germany one of the leading and most reputable testing facilities in the world on the ballistic level VPAM 10, which is the highest level for civilian vehicles. This level covers all soft-core and most armor-piercing bullets.

Detailed knowledge of the market and access to the latest developments in the industry allow us applying state-of-the-art solutions, thus making it possible to develop armor components as light as possible with the lowest possible costs.

We are a Lloyds certified ISO 9000 company, and we strive to provide quality in every aspect of what we do, from the overall design of our vehicles down to the smallest details of the interior. You can be sure that everything has been done to guarantee your safety in an Aurum Security vehicle.

Aurum Security - manufacturer of protected civilian vehicle

Aurum Security - manufacturer of protected civilian vehicle
Falkensteiner Str. 77 60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany - Germany
The Most Protected Civilian Vehicles In The World – Made In Germany
Aurum Security is the leading armored civilian vehicle manufacturer. We produce the most protected security vehicles, German vehicles and cars in the world.
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