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Auto Parts Little Triangle Alliance was established in china since 2006. In order to integrate technological superiority and the production resource, survive and develop in the fiercely competition ,with the suggestion of Mr.Jackson (the manager of Royal mold factory), several factories self-organized and established this alliance, we aim at providing the excellent quality and competitive price to customer. Now we have totally 8 members in our alliance, and our members in this alliance are standout in many manufacture fields , including: casting ,stamping, welding, CNC, surface finish, injection molding. We have a head office in Foshan city for dealing the daily routines, such as selling, technical support, quality control, meeting with customers, harmonize our factories manufacturing. Shipping, etc.
We specialize in automotive exterior and interior accessories, hardware and plastic products. and we are always insist to give our customer a 100% satisfactory in our product and customer service. Our principal of success is to value each and every customer as if they are our partners. We value every new idea that is given by our customers and we produce the best products that set our customers' necessity. In order to help our customers to be compatible in the market, we serve as your direct manufacturer as well as your direct exporter. Customer satisfactory is our top priority and we are striving to keep it that way by offering our customers the best quality product with the best price.Once a new customer comes to us ,
we will do our best to assist him with us forever. And we will work closely with him to make him 100% satisfy with our products and price.
Up to 75% of our products are shipped to U.S. and are popular among our partners, worldwide shipment is available. You can be rest assured that you will get the best quality products at a reasonable price from a highly respected company in the automotive accessory industry.
We would like to be your best partner and to help you develop your business by providing you with the best quality product with the best price.

Foshan, Guangdong - China
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