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As a leading provider of automotive technical training, The Automotive Training Authority encompasses advanced diagnostics and repair troubleshooting techniques, in both a hands-on and classroom settings. Our detailed, comprehensive courses give automotive and fleet technicians the ability to confidently diagnose and repair even the most complex systems on today’s vehicles and equipment.

Widely recognized as the most advanced training provider in the industry, ATA's expertise provides companies and technicians the opportunity to satisfy their need for the latest technology while sharpening their skills and increasing productivity. ATA's goal is to assist companies in their desire to maximize profitability while providing advanced, comprehensive technical training.

We strive to educate every technician with the latest technology in the automotive and heavy equipment industry by dedicating ourselves to delivering pertinent, real world classes in every major City across the Nation.

Automotive Training Authority, Inc.

Automotive Training Authority, Inc.
Vista, California - United States
Automotive Training Authority, hands-on and classroom settings, held in every major City across the Nation.
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