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BioSmart Technologies specializes in air purification and far infrared heating technology. It is based near Seattle, where it provides full service and support from its own fulfillment center.

A leader in the infrared technology industry, BioSmart Technologies sets the standard for providing quality, high-efficiency far infrared heaters, empowering people to take control of their heating bills. BioSmart Technologies' full line of BioSmart® and CZ Infrared™ quartz and ceramic far infrared heaters for commercial and residential applications is helping thousands worldwide meet the challenges of heating their living and work spaces comfortably without paying exorbitant prices for fuel. BioSmart Technologies believes the infrared technology in the BioSmart® far infrared heater represents the most advanced quartz infrared technology available.

BioSmart Technologies specializes

BioSmart Technologies specializes
Washington - United States
Portable Quartz Infrared Heaters & Electric Space Heaters | BioSmart®
BioSmart® Portable Quartz & In-Wall Far Infrared Heaters are the most energy efficient electric heaters & space heaters on the market. Safe & economical heating.
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