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What does BMW stand for? Bavarian Motor Works. Better known as BMW. This is one of the best known brands in the car industry today. This German company started in 1917. They stand at par with the likes of Mercedes Benz. And have done since BMW began. So when asking the question what does BMW stand for we could also say the pinnacle of the motor industry. In 2010 they produced 1.4 million cars and 112 thousand motorcycles.

There are many designs on the market today. Many difficulties were felt throughout the industry during the last 5 years. But they survived these tough times. There is one most notable factor. This is the presence of brands from Japan. Asian makes are now popular. Their quality was at one time in doubt. But this continues to change. But no one can deny the importance of top tier makes like BMW. This is in terms of the car industry. And of course what BMW stands for.

BMW is one of the major leaders in the car market today. They have roots that can be traced way back to the First World War. The move to motorcycles and then cars was always smooth for them. They have all the research and funding necessary.

BMW stand

BMW stand
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What Does BMW Stand For? - the story and history behind the brand
Despite it being a major brand few people know the answer to the question - what does BMW stand for? You will find out here. Plus other BMW related facts.
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