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Hangzhou GoldenStar Brake Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd, is one of the biggest professional enterprises manufacturing brake pads of high quality with production capacity of annual output of 3 million sets of non-asbestos brake pads in China.

With most advanced production line and testing equipment, experienceful technology research team, strict ISO9001 quality management system, the quality of our brake pads is strictly controlled. The brake pads are produced strictly according to the quality standard of China National standard of GB5763-1998, SAE-J661, VESC-3, JIS4411-1993, our brake pads have widely received very good reputation from our customers all over the world after practical use and strict quality test in most famous laboratory and test in the vehicles. We have the following formulation for our customersí choice:

1. Non-Asbestos Organic Brake Pads
2. Non-Asbestos Semi-Metallic Brake Pads
3. Non-Asbestos Ceramic Brake Pads

With best formulation technology, our brake pads donít have any noise while the brake pads have stable friction performances, low wearing, long use life. With the above quality advantage, we have received ECE R90 certificates for European market.

We have already developed nearly 1,000 types of brake pads for various vehicles. At present, our brake pads are 100% exported to more than 40 countries in North America, East Europe, South America, Asia, etc.

Any inquiry will receive prompt attentions. Drawings and sample are warmly welcome. Fast delivery and good service will be provided.

Brake pads

Brake pads
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Goldenstar Braking Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd. main produces brake pads,disc brake pads,brake parts,company strict ISO9001 quality management system, the quality for brake pads is strictly controlled.
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