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Installer car audio and car audio store online, providing a range of car audio products from leading brands that guarantee its authenticity, and of course at a cheap price, accept installation sq, sql, spl.

Master Sound Car Audio was founded in 1982 in Bandung Indah source begins with the name was later changed to Master Sound, along with the changing times and the rapid advancement of technology Master Sound finally go online in 2011 line also received addition.

As a car audio shop that has experienced decades and led by Dedi Yono or more fondly known as Uming with experience in the field of car audio since 1982 and armed with the education of America Rockford training course, and Education Car Audio IN IASCA Orlando United is also active as national and international IASCA judges in the era of 90's, so that reliability in the field of car audio is not in doubt.

We strive to provide the tebaik in meeting the needs of your car audio installation of various types of premises SQ (Sound Quality), SQL (Sound Quality and Loud) and SPL (Sound Pressure Level).

Customer satisfaction is our goal in every installation we do to achieve this we must apply the strict supervision of the electoral process goods, cosmetic workmanship, finishing and of course the main thing is the car audio system at the tunning is done carefully and thoroughly.

To provide customer service and satisfaction, we provide a demo car that will allow customers to specify the package that suits their needs.

Our online store provides a variety of audio needs for your car and we guarantee the authenticity of every product we sell, this is our commitment to provide satisfaction to every item you buy.

Car audio installer

Car audio installer
Jakarta - Indonesia
Master Sound Car Audio Installer Audio Mobil dan Toko Online Audio Mobil
car audio Installer dan toko online audio mobil, menyediakan berbagai produk audio mobil dari merek-merek ternama yang terjamin keasliannya dan tentunya dengan harga yang murah, menerima instalasi sq, sql, spl.
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