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Cluster Fix offers speedometer, gauge, odometer and electronic instrument cluster repairs on a variety of makes and models. Other automotive electronics repairs include climate controls, ABS modules, Gm radios, Ford FICM units and more.

Cluster Fix offers instrument cluster repairs for 2004, 2005 & 2006 Nissan Quests that have LCD problems causing partial or full loss of odometer, fuel and temperature gauges, as well as some intermittent gauge failures. For the most part, replacement units have been on backorder through Nissan for quite some time and can cost hundereds of dollars. Cluster Fix repairs these units for much less than it costs to replace them and we offer a one year waranty on our repairs. A properly functioning gauge is important for the protection of your engine and an inoperative odometer decreases your trade-in and resale values. Also, our repairs will not change your current odometer reading.

Cluster Fix

Cluster Fix
West Richland, Washington - United States
Cluster Fix
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