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Offering hands-on driving experiences. Complete Auto Racing Experience offers you the most exciting and challenging drive of your life! Combining the thrills and excitement of auto racing with actual "hands on driving" will leave you and your family with an experience you won't forget!

What you are thinking of doing will be an event in your life that will be forever unmatched!

Great family fun!

Complete Auto Racing Experience Programs include:

* Professional classroom and on track instruction
* From 10 to 200 fast, full throttle laps, all in one day!
* Your choice of 400 HP Winston Cup style stock car or 400 HP Craftsman style race truck!
* Personalized instruction and review
* IN-CAR radios for personnel instruction
* IN-CAR videos (Optional)
* RIDE-A-LONG programs available
* Fire suit and helmet provided.

Complete Auto Racing School

Complete Auto Racing School
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Complete Auto Racing Experience
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