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Specialised GPS fleet monitoring and driver safety systems are now integral to safe, cost efficient fleet management. Digicore Australia provides a powerful and fully-featured solution to meet fleet and asset tracking demands for Australian industry, specialising in the mining, transport and local government sectors. Using Digicore's C-Track In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS), your vehicles will be 100% secure and visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over 400,000 units are installed in 30 countries worldwide and providing premium GPS fleet tracking capabilities. Our asset tracking and monitoring systems are supported by unrivalled data storage capabilities, giving you access to years of data for reports and analysis.

DigiCore Australia

DigiCore Australia
Victoria - Australia
GPS Fleet Monitoring and Driver Safety Systems
Digicore Australia is Australia\'s premier provider of IVMS and GPS fleet tracking solutions, servicing the mining, transportation and local government sectors.
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