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Automotive technology is definitely one of the most exciting fields because of the varied types of integrated technologies incorporated into the making of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Education is not just limited these days to engine engineering but also to the body design aesthetics, interior design, communication technologies, display innovations and even introduction of new types of glass and metal into the build of cars and their features. If you’re looking for an automotive school you are most likely passionate about a specific brand of car and either the need for speed or the efficiency of engines.

We want to make it easy for you to find the the automotive schools that are most important to your future in helping to evolve and improve the auto industry. Whether you’re just looking to attend a technical school to get your ASE Certification or whether you want to get deep into an automotive engineering degree we will guide you to the schools that fit your need. For those that want to see what you would learn in an automotive class at school we provide detailed breakdowns of the different types of courses & training you could go through.

If you're curious about all the different careers available to you in the auto industry we break down every single career. Once you've decided on a career or specialty we show you recommendations on what certifications, training and degrees you need to get in the field.

Find Automotive Schools

Find Automotive Schools
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Find Automotive Schools
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