Ford Taurus Limited Review United StatesUnited States

A critical look at the return of the Ford Taurus.

Ford Taurus Limited Review

Ford Taurus Limited Review
Dearborn - United States
Ford Taurus Limited Review | The Truth About Cars
Ford is hawking their “new” Taurus (née Five Hundred) as America's safest full-size sedan. This tells us two things. First, the Ford division famous for producing the world’s safest cars (Volvo) is as good as gone. Second, The Blue Oval Boyz replaced their alleged allegiance to Bold Moves with a profound proclamation of Risk Aversion. Whether or not either decision is correct is a moot point; FoMoCo doesn't have the time nor the money to not to sell Volvo or develop edgy new automobiles. So is Ford’s safe car a safe bet? As the Afrikaners say, Ja nee.
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