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SSK Fibre Products offers FRP Lining services to wide range of industries. These systems are majorly used in Chemical plants, laboratories, refineries etc to diffuse the acid fumes. Pollution Control Board authorities are strictly regulates the amount of pollutants from the industries and scientific laboratories. Our FRP Lining services are offered to:

Chemical Plants
Automobile Industries
Power Plant
Pharmaceuticals Industries
Petro Chemical Industries
Sugar Mills
Paper Plant

Wet Scrubbers are common in many industrial applications including pollutant reduction at petroleum refineries, chemical processes, acid manufacturing plants, and steel making.

Chennai - India
Scrubbing System, Dealer in South India - Chennai
Scrubbing system is a pollution control equipments to remove hazardous gases, fumes, and other air pollutants from the industrial tanks, reactors, blenders and the external environment.
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