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OTTO Hydraulic is hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in Turkey and manufactures hydraulic cylinder, telescopic cylinder, custom made cylinder, large hydraulic cylinder, large cylinder, dam gate cylinder, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, P.T.O. , power take off, cardan shafts, oil tanks and supply different kind of hydraulic parts for its valuable customer since 1994.

After the beginning day of the manufacturing, we have successfully produce different kinds of hydraulic cylinder, telescopic cylinder, pump, valves and different hydraulic parts.

OTTO Hydraulic which exports its products to 11 different countries, has been working hard to being a leader in different types of sectors and applications like Hydraulics for defence, transport, oil and gas,earth moving, fire and rescue, cranes, forestry and logging,military and government,turf equipments,snow and ice control vehicles,mining,auto hauling equipments,Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) and especially Material Handlings etc.. all over the world.

Using the latest technologies on production facilities OTTO Hydraulic serve in different industries. We produce hydraulic cylinders in international standards with very low costs in Turkey. We have all quality certificates from TUV Austria, ISO 9001 and TSE Certificate from Turkey government.

Shortly Our product range covers cylinders with:

 Capacity Range  1 lt capacity to 2600 litre
 Working pressures  15 bar to 550 bar

To produce long life hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic parts for different kind of industires and to be a brand on all over world which is kept in mind by its valuable clients with its reliability and long life products.

To be a global leader brand that have a an affect on all hydraulic business on the World with its highly qualified employment and social respective management system.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder
Konya - Turkey
Hydraulic Cylinder | Telescopic Cylinder | Hydraulic Part
OTTO Hydraulic manufactures different type; hydraulic cylinder, telescopic cylinder, custom made cylinder, hydraulic part, hydraulic equipment.
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