JTR V-8 Conversion Manuals United StatesUnited States

Publishes conversion manuals for Chevy V-8 engine installation into Jaguar, Datsun Z-car, Volvo, and Chevy S-10. Sample pages and technical information offered.

JTR V-8 Conversion Manuals

JTR V-8 Conversion Manuals
Jimboomba - United States
V8 conversion manuals, parts for V8 S10, Datzun Z, Jaguar, Chevy TPI & TBI, Colorado, Astro Van V8, Volvo 200 & 700
V8 conversion manuals for V8 S10, V8 Datzun Z V8, Jaguar V8, Astro Van V8, Chevy TPI & TBI, Volvo 200 & 700. Stealth Conversions parts, vehicle speed sensors, air cleaner ducting.
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