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KAIAO is a 19-year old outsourcing prototype maker. We are ISO9001 and SGS certified to provide fast precise models, prototypes and parts for product developers, helping them verify and validate inventions and designs. Our services reach to wide range of industries, including digital products, household appliance, arts and crafts, medical device, automobile, machinery,etc. We specialize in SLA, CNC machining,vacuum casting and reaction injection molding technology to help customer realize their dreams.

KAIAO Rapid Prototyping Co.

KAIAO Rapid Prototyping Co.
Shenzhen - China
KAIAO is a Rapid Prototyping manufacturer with 20 year of experiences in mainland China. Our Rapid prototyping services include: CNC Precision Machining, SLA, Vacuum Casting,Reaction Injection Molding,Rapid Prototype Finishing Painting & Plating Options.
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