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Welcome to MG Motor Indonesia, a truly trusted used car dealership in Kalimantan Timur. We're not like any other car dealer you've ever known... We don't just sell a bunch of random used cars, we specialize in the highest quality used cars online.

We have a group of buyers who travel to different areas of the country in search of the best used cars available. We search hard to find Mercedes-Benz 280SE, the Porsche 356B, or the Ferrari 512TR that you've dreamed of but can't seem to find anywhere! We hop on planes, trains, or automobiles to scour the country so we can bring you the best used cars available.

We always make sure that we buy our used cars at a price where we can be competitive in the market. We test drive every vehicle, and if we see something that needs attention, we either fix it or disclose it. There are no smoke and mirrors, no puppet shows, no gimmicks. We don't play the back and forth price game, either.

We want our customers to feel comfortable buying a cars from us. A dedicated salesperson will always be there to assist you along the way. So, whether you're looking for used cars in Kalimantan Timur or you live around the globe... We are happy to have you or your questions. We are here to serve you!

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