Motorcycle & trike for disabled United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Motorcycle & trike riders range of products for disabled /handicapped riders, including clutchless up and down gearshift system, button operated electric gear selector kit, Dualever twin clutch and brake lever etc etc NEW Auto-clutch system actually operates the clutch for you on ALL size of motorcycle engines.

Motorcycle & trike for disabled

Motorcycle & trike for disabled
colchester - United Kingdom
Flat Shifter - Disabled Motorcycle/Trike Riders
Flatshifter performance gear shifting products are suitable for use on motorbikes and bike-engined road and race cars as well as other types of vehicle fitted with sequential gearboxes.
Flatshifter offers full or part throttle clutchless up-shifting and smooth clutchless downshifting.
Flatshifter maximizes engine power and you will experience smooth and continuous acceleration enhancing performance and your driving experience.
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