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Featuring Antique Pedal Cars and Fire Trucks, Vintage Pedal planes, Pedal Trains, Antique Tricycles, Oldies Jukeboxes + USB Turntables, Antique Gas pumps and Coca Cola Collectibles, make thrilling gifts for children and collectors alike.

At Pedal Car Express, we have amazing styles, great ideas and color selection to choose from for your kids’ choice of the vintage reproduction of our pedal cars, pedal trains, antique pedal fire truck, antique tricycles, antique gas pumps, oldies jukebox, USB turntables, Coca Cola collectibles, pedal planes and other varieties of retro pedal cars. We offer brand new products for sale in our stores all over US and stream online as well for shipping reservations.

We’re committed to providing only high quality vintage pedal cars that are durable and long-lasting labeled to produce smiles on your kids’ faces. Our brilliant “Ride on Toys” are safe and can satisfy the aesthetic needs of your kids. It has always been the fun and excitement, which is the satisfaction that your kids deserve, that we want to ensure.

Since the production of quality pedal cars is the means which we can revive past American cars back into reality like Chevy and Ford classics, now it’s about time to let your children experience driving vintage pedal cars to set them above the fold.

At Pedal Car Express, we have the friendly staff to offer fun and entertainment with our pedal car selection that includes sadface pedal cars, red racer pedal cars as well as pedal powered planes, Thomas pedal trains, antique pedal fire trucks, classic pedal cars and other vintage products that harken back from the 50s and 60s time warp.

Come pedal for joy with our unique and well crafted pedal cars that suit all fledglings and oldies alike. Whether you are using vintage pedal cars as collectibles or letting your kids pedal or pilot for pleasure with our classic pedal cars, pedal trains and pedal planes, your kids will be more than happy with all the designs, style and color that we incorporate with our products for sale.
Our Number One Goal: Your Satisfaction with the "Classic Gem" of your choice.

Remember the good old days by making your child happy with our charming pedal cars, pedal planes, pedal trains, USB turntables, antique fire trucks, oldies jukebox and other vintage toys for sale at Pedal Car Express.

There are many enjoyable reasons why you should choose Pedal Car Express as your leading Retro Pedal Car provider:

Unique Quality Pedal Cars + Pedal Planes
Toddler Friendly
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Enjoy a Toy not offered in most Stores!
100% Free Shipping on Purchase over $ 100.00; incls. Tracking
Choose a "Gem" of your choice @ "Pedal Car Express

Pedal Car

Pedal Car
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Vintage Pedal Car Fire Truck, Trains Antique Classics Toy Sale
Welcome to! We invite you to indulge in a bit of nostalgia with vintage pedal vehicles, juke boxes and turntables, and more.
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