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Petaluma Auto Works has been providing our neighbors and business community with automotive services they can trust and have confidence in since 1988. Thatís 26 years of building relationships by taking care of our customersí investments in cars and trucks like they were our own.

Petaluma Auto Works

Petaluma Auto Works
Petaluma, California - United States
At Petaluma Auto Works we are living the dream. We are a family business that is among that fortunate group of people who earn a living doing what they absolutely love. We love cars and trucks. We love servicing them, repairing them, upgrading and modifying them and generally making them better than when we first lay our hands (and diagnostic tools) on them. Call us Gearheads, we don't mind and you'll be delighted with the results when that in-depth automotive knowledge is applied to your ride.
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