Quickshifter clutchles down & full United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Flatshifter supply quickshifter systems to many of the top race teams, manufacturers drivers & motorcycle racers as well as bike engined race & kit car manufacturers with a choice of 4 different quickshifter & flat gear-shifting systems.

Why not get the ultimate quickshifter package, inferior quickshifter systems offer you clutch less up shifting only, but the Flatshifter range of revolutionary quickshifters are a unique innovative design and offer you a choice of 4 different flat shifting kits including.a clutch-less up shift system (Flatshifter club) & 3 other quickshifter systems (Flatshifter Pro & Flatshifter Expert,& Blip ) giving you full or part throttle clutch less up gear-shifts and clutchless self regulating downshifts (auto throttle blipping) as well as our unique stand alone clutchless downshift system (Flatshifter “Blip” kit) also with our unique patented auto blip system which works alongside your own ignition cut flat shift system providing a quick-shifting system suitable for every driver or rider including engines running super chargers, turbo chargers, & power commanders, these are amongst if not the very best systems available on the market today flatshifter has over 12 years experience in the design & manufacture of clutchless & electric solenoid gearshift & quick shifter kits.

Quickshifter clutchles down & full

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