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Since its inception, Eastwood recognizes that change constantly takes place in the marketplace, and so strives to stay abreast of these developments by placing customer satisfaction at the forefront. In recent years, the market for automotive hobbyists has expanded beyond the "classics", and Eastwood has seen increased requests for products geared towards muscle cars, street rods, trucks and motorcycles. The explosion of the sport tuner hobby has demanded products which emphasize ease-of-use and variety, as customizers strive to make their vehicles truly unique. In response, the company has continued to be an industry pioneer, adding innovative, high-quality products to its line. For example, the HotCoat® system now allows for the powder-coating of larger parts, and in a huge array of colors and finishes. Eastwood continues to prove its dedication to offering unique solutions to the challenges facing restoration and customization enthusiasts, and this devotion will ensure its place in the community.

The Eastwood Company

The Eastwood Company
Pottstown, Pennsylvania - United States
Auto body tools include tig welder, mig welder, plasma cutter & other high quality welding equipment and auto body accessories. Our high quality products - mig welder, tig welder, plasma cutter and other automotive accessories meet complete needs of your automotive repair & restoration.
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