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Xuanli Rigging Co., Ltd customize recovery strap, tree trunk protector, winch extension strap and nylon snatch rope for many companies.

nylon recovery strap,4wd snatch strap, tow strap
Minimum break strength: 5T to 15T.
-extension rate

snatch rope ( double braided),tow rope, kinetic energy recovery strap
Minimum break strength: 3.3T to 59T.
-extension rate

Snatch rope is the most advanced recovery tool in the off-road world. Using the principles of kinetic energy for maximum effect, this kinetic recovery rope will stretch and safely pull a vehicle to safety. If you drive where there is mud, sand or snow then you need a nylon tow rope.

-Snatch rope with a polymer coating or nylon protective sleeve on both ends
double braided nylon rope
-Reinforced loops
-Anti UV and abrasive resistant
-Highest breaking strengths available
-The high degree of stretch makes the Recovery Ropes extremely effective.

When choosing a Tow Rope size, choose recovery rope with the breaking strength to be approximately 3 times the weight of your vehicle. For larger vehicles this number is closer to the weight of the vehicle.

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